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An increasing number of Small Businesses are leaving their preparations too late – In some cases not until they have passed their staging date. This risks failure, disappointment from employees and potential sanction from The Pensions Regulator. We recommend that companies begin to take action 3 to 6 months before their staging date.

1. Pension

As an employer you have a duty to select a qualifying pension scheme, and a default investment strategy. Even if you have an existing scheme you will need to select a new one if the current scheme doesn’t want to take on the new Auto Enrolment joiners. There are a range of schemes available and all have varying characteristics, therefore this is an important decision in ensuring that you and the members get value for money. Ideally you should consider how you can monitor the on-going suitability of the scheme to make sure the scheme continues to perform as expected.

2. Administration

You will need to identify how your company will undertake the on-going assessment of your workforce, issue correct and timely communications, join members to the pension scheme and deduct the correct contributions. This role is increasingly undertaken by payroll providers but it is vital that this is up and running for staging date, even if postponement is being used.

3. Support

Auto Enrolment has strict deadlines and it can be complex. We have found that most employers and employees will need someone to turn to answer questions and support you throughout the staging process, and beyond. Some support may come from your pension or payroll provider or direct from The Pensions Regulator website.

JLT has captured all of these elements in our Auto Enrolment support package designed primarily to meet the needs of Small Businesses. RetireSure Essentials draws on our extensive experience of Auto Enrolment to give a comprehensive service within realistic price points for The Smaller Business.

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Employer Case Study

We asked one of our existing clients to talk about why they choose RetireSure Essentials, what they think about using the service and how their workers have responded.

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